Discover the Latest Advancement in Dentures

Discover the Latest Advancement in Dentures

Turn to 1st Class Dentures for your digital dentures

1st Class Dentures uses CAD/CAM milling technology to make dentures that provide a more accurate fit. We believe dentures should be so comfortable that you forget they're not your real teeth. Digital dentures help us achieve this.

We take impressions of your mouth, bite and jaw relation measurements, and then use these to create a digital profile. This is used to design your denture which is then sent to our on-site milling machine which fabricates a denture that fits precisely with zero processing errors.

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Get the most comfortable dentures on the market

1st Class Dentures produces cutting-edge digital dentures. You should consider getting digital dentures because:

  • Most accurate fit and function
  • Improved comfort with minimal sore spots
  • Beautiful denture due to life-like tooth moulds and sculpted gums
  • Milled from highest quality acrylic for ultimate durability and resistance to breakage
  • Lifetime digital file for easy replacements or spare denture

Contact us today to learn more about our digital denture services. We can have your digital dentures ready before you know it.