Eliminate Annoying Mouth Pain

Eliminate Annoying Mouth Pain

Choose 1st Class Dentures for denture repair and relining

Is one of your artificial teeth cracked? Are your dentures causing you pain? We can help. 1st Class Dentures specializes in denture repair and relines.

Don't panic if one of your artificial teeth becomes loose. We can repair replacement teeth that are chipped, cracked or detached. We complete denture repairs in a single day so you can get back to your normal routine ASAP. If you bought your dentures from us, be sure to ask if your broken tooth is under warranty.

Get in touch with us as soon as you notice a broken or loose tooth. We'll schedule your denture repair appointment at the earliest available time.

Come see us when you need to have your dentures relined

Over the years, your gums will change shape and your dentures will become loose. This is the time to get your dentures relined in order to fit properly. New acrylic is put into the base of your denture to fill in the space of the lost tissue and create a secure fit so you can talk, eat and smile with confidence again.

Call 208-DENTURE now to find out if your dentures need to be relined.