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Lynn S.

Best dentures I have ever had. First time for staying in when I eat.


So if 1st class treatment is important to you than this is the right spot for you!! I struggled for 6 months with a bad upper plate it was so painful and I couldn't eat I was so miserable than I was referred here!! I can't believe how great it is to finally have relief of the constant pain and bad fitting plate!! The entire staff from the girl at the front desk to the denturest took such great care of of me!! They listened to the problems I was having and took precise measurements of my mouth for as perfect of a fit as they could create!! What a difference!! I was so happy I was hugging people!! Really as far as I am concerned they are the absolute best!! No need to go anywhere else!! Thank you all for fixing my unbearable denture!! Believe me I don't just give great reviews unless they deserve it! This place goes above and beyond!! Will totally recommend!! :))

Jackie N.

After 6 years struggling with my 1st set I got new ones that were very expensive. They never fit and hurt so I gave up and wore the 1st set for another year. I decided to get them adjusted so I could at least be somewhat comfortable. I decided to try another set with 1st Class Dentures. I received the kindest, gentlest and most compassionate treatment ever! I love them! I can eat again and I don't have to use that nasty paste daily. I'm so happy with my new smile. Thank you so much. I highly recommend 1st Class Dentures.

Nancy S.

1st class dentures is aptly named. Heidi is a professional and a perfectionist who is determined to give the best service possible. I am 78 years old and over the years I have been to numerous denturists. I can guarantee you Heidi is well above the rest. She takes pride in her work so you have a perfect fit, the best look, and the least amount of return trips. If you want the best, with competitive prices, I suggest you see Heidi at 1st class dentures!